migraines and weather Precision Spinal Care Laguna Hills chiropractorFor the approximate 46% of adults who suffer from either migraines or another type of headache disorder, identifying potential triggers can be key in the attempt to avoid attacks.  Some of these triggers can be easy to manage and avoid.  If there’s a dietary trigger such as chocolate or red wine, those foods can be eliminated, and if a person becomes more prone to developing a migraine if they don’t get enough sleep, those factors can be controlled as well.  However, changes in the weather are beyond anyone’s control, and may play a role in migraine attacks.  

People who are prone to developing migraines may also have an increased sensitivity to shifts in the weather.  These environmental changes can lead to changes within the body, including serotonin production and other brain/body chemistry balance.  Weather factors that may trigger a migraine include: 

  • Barometric pressure 
  • Humidity levels 
  • Extremely bright sunshine & glare from the sun 


How Can Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help? 

We all know that weather is beyond our control, so if our bodies are not capable of adapting to these changes properly, it’s important to identify the underlying reason.  In our office, most of our headache and migraine patients have one important thing in common – a specific misalignment of the atlas, the uppermost vertebra in the spine. The atlas vertebra forms a protective ring of bone around the brainstem, which has a large influence over the control of the body’s adaptation mechanisms.  When the atlas misaligns, either from injury or repetitive wear and tear, it can obstruct the normal signals sent over the nervous system that keep our bodies in balance.  Correcting this misalignment restores normal brain-body communication, which, in turn, normalizes overall function. 

 If you’ve noticed a trend with your headaches or migraines and certain types of changes in the weather, it’s possible that there is nervous system interference present.  Upper cervical chiropractic is designed to detect and correct nervous system obstructions.  The NUCCA technique is thorough, precise, and extremely gentle.  Patients under upper cervical chiropractic care have achieved lasting relief, sometimes after only a few specific adjustments.