Health, continued well-being and personal empowerment are the three-fold goals of Precision Spinal Care, serving patients in Laguna Hills, Calif. and surrounding areas like Mission Viejo, and Aliso Viejo.  Precision professionals employ NUCCA techniques, focusing on chiropractic manipulation of the first spinal vertebrae found in the neck to relieve tension and pressure along the entire spine.

The technique works equally well for injuries and pain caused by exertion or accident, and can help alleviate chronic pain resulting from headaches and central nervous system disorders. Adjustments focus on the Atlas Subluxation Complex, the bony structure that connects the neck and head, and involves a non-invasive, gentle manipulation to restore proper “communication” between the brain and body, according to the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA).

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Patients who suffer from neck and back pain experience frequent headaches and migraines are invited to consult with our caring practitioners to explore the possibilities of NUCCA treatment. When you schedule an initial consultation, we will assess your existing condition and develop a comprehensive plan to address your pain. We tailor your primary treatment based on medical history, a personal examination, and your preferences. We use X-rays and other scientific diagnostic tools to assess your condition.

Our doctors then will discuss the type of treatment to be recommended, suggest a schedule of appointments and discuss the cost with you. We have achieved great success for patients who suffer from such varied conditions as hypertension, numbness in arms or legs, seizures, attention deficit disorder, sinus or allergy problems, and depression. Relief from pain associated with sports injuries or auto accidents can be dramatic and long-lasting, even after a short series of treatments.

Specific complaints such as herniated disc, and some chronic conditions, including scoliosis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and arthritis, also greatly benefit from NUCCA procedures. Extensive clinical analysis, with associated mathematical correlations to back up the findings, have demonstrated the importance of the Atlas Subluxation Complex, and proven that changes following treatment are lasting and transformative. In addition, our staff will treat your entire family with the same degree of care and concern, with the goal of leading patients of all ages toward a lifetime of wellness and fulfillment.

Follow-Up and Your Future

During the first phase of your treatment — even as early as your first adjustment — chances are good that you will feel better. But, your journey doesn’t end there. Our physicians will work with you to develop a plan to set you on a path toward continuing health and wellness, whether that includes continuing chiropractic care, diet and exercise advice or recommendations for beneficial exercise and mental health. We at Precision Spinal Care, Inc. have your best interests in mind.

Are there specific questions you would like to ask? Why not schedule an appointment today with Dr. Hansen or Dr. Weiss, and let’s begin the journey together to a better, more healthful future.