If you are one of the 25 million Americans who deals with migraines or tension headaches and lives in the Laguna Hills, California area, relief may be as close as your chiropractor’s office. Several studies are surfacing that show a direct connection between stress and these types of headaches. Chiropractic care has been shown to not only relieve the pain of certain types of headaches, but also prevent them.

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Tension headaches usually begin at the base of the skull or the neck and are often accompanied by tightness that can spread through the back and shoulders. While migraines my start in one area on the head, stress seems to lower the threshold, making you more susceptible to suffering from one during periods of stress.

The stress that induces a headache can be emotional stress such as after a death, worrying about your kids or your job, or experiencing relationship problems. It can also be caused by physical stress which stems from illness, injury, poor diet, or improper rest. When these two types of stress combine, as they often do, the results can be debilitating.

Chiropractic care goes to the heart of the problem, bringing the body back into alignment so that muscles can relax, blood flow can return to normal, and organs can function as they should. Many patients report relief as soon as their first adjustment.

While hitting the beach may be your form of relaxation, that doesn’t always fill the bill. If your body is out of alignment no amount of rest and relaxation is going to bring it back to the way it should be. You need a chiropractor to help manipulate your joints and gently align your spine so your muscles are able to relax properly. This will reduce the tension in your body as well as give you more energy and an increased range of motion.

Your chiropractor can also help you with an overall wellness plan, including adjusting your diet and getting enough exercise. You can learn a lot from them because chiropractic care focuses on a holistic whole health approach. You can learn about pain relieving exercises you can do at home and other things you can do to prevent headaches.

While it is best to take steps to prevent headaches, sometimes that is not possible. Once you are in chiropractic treatment, though, you will generally find your headaches are less frequent as long as you follow your chiropractor’s instructions. With chiropractic care you don’t have to take medicine with unpleasant side effects to get rid of your headache.

Our chiropractor in Laguna Hills can help you at the onset of a migraine or while you are having it. However, if you are prone to tension or migraines, it is best to see a chiropractor regularly to prevent the headaches. In Orange County chiropractors are plentiful, but make sure that you choose one who is experienced in headache pain treatment.