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NUCCA adjustment at Precision Spinal Care, Laguna Hills CA chiropractorManual chiropractic adjustment is a central feature of our natural healing services here at Precision Spinal Care. This proven technique for restoring spinal alignment and correcting bodily imbalances has been around since at least 1895, although there is evidence that even the ancients used spinal adjustment to address pain and illness. But many people do not quite understand what this form of care actually does for the body, or what to expect when they arrange for that first session. We hope that this page will provide the necessary clarification and reassurance for many of these individuals to seek the care they require.

Why do we use the word “manual” to describe this type of care? Some modern forms of chiropractic treatment engage the aid of machines to address certain conditions. Spinal decompression, in which a motorized table applies distraction force to the spine, is one non-manual example. Manual adjustment relies on the chiropractor’s ability to make precise corrections using only the hands. This technique requires considerable skill, years of training, and a detailed knowledge of the body’s many joints, bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissues. The adjustments themselves must be applied with a judicious combination of low force, low velocity, extremely specific direction, leverage and amplitude. Our goal is to administer just enough adjustment to help the body’s components return to their normal, healthy, correct orientation. Our chiropractor in Laguna Hills, CA will focus the adjustments on upper neck area to effect the other joints of the body. By correcting upper neck misalignment that impair nerve function, we can facilitate healing for such diverse problems as back or neck pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, acute injuries and chronic pain disorders.

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Over the years a variety of myths about chiropractic treatments have cropped up, and some of these may cause needless hesitation in seeking out care. For instance, a chiropractor does not “crack” or “pop” your back during a session; any such noises you hear are merely gases escaping harmlessly from between the joints. It is also untrue that manual chiropractic adjustment causes significant pain. Our goal is to relieve pain, not to cause it! You might experience mild discomfort immediately following a session, but only in the service of resolving a greater pain or impairment. In fact, many patients suffering from acute pain experience dramatic relief from their very first chiropractic session (even if additional sessions are required to help stabilize the correction).

What should you expect from your first appointment? Generally, we start by taking your medical history, discussing your current state of health, and evaluating your spinal alignment carefully to see if a problem is apparent. Only then will we recommend care options, which may or may not include NUCCA adjustments. At that point, you may wish to go ahead with your first session, or we can schedule it for a later date. Call Precision Spinal Care to schedule your initial consultation and spinal screening.