the-10-most-sinister-migraine-triggers-how-to-get-helpIf you are a migraine sufferer, you no doubt wish you could be free from them. In lieu of that, you may at least wish you had a warning when one was coming. Triggers kind of work in that way. Some triggers you can avoid, potentially reducing how often migraines strike. Others are unavoidable but can at least give you the chance to brace for impact.

We’re going to look at the 10 most common migraine triggers. Since triggers are unique to each migraineur, you may need to keep a journal (there are plenty of apps if you don’t want to have to keep an actual book) to learn what your personal triggers are. Here are a few things to watch out for followed by a way that many are seeking natural relief from migraines.

#1 Stress

This may come as no surprise to you, but high stress levels can cause a migraine episode. Unfortunately, so can coming down from a stressed state, so don’t assume you are out of the woods just because a stressful situation has passed and the migraine hasn’t started yet. It is important to have positive ways to deal with stress if you suffer from migraines.

#2 Auditory Triggers

Believe it or not, according to one study, hearing is the most likely sense to lead to a migraine. What types of sounds are the issue? There are a variety of triggers including repeating sounds, loud sounds, or sounds that were unexpected. Perhaps grouping all of these together as one trigger is why auditory triggers rank so high on the list.

#3 Fatigue

While one study marks this as number three on the list of migraine triggers, it is important to note that fatigue can also be a symptom of migraine prodrome. In other words, the fatigue is still part of a warning that a migraine is coming, but it is not what triggers the attack.

#4 Fasting

Skipping meals is one of the fastest ways to end up with a migraine. If you are going to be busy at work, set a reminder notice to eat something for lunch, even if you have to bring food with you to work and eat at your desk. Skipping a meal to get more done today may lead to having to stay home tomorrow.

#5 Hormone Fluctuations

Female migraine sufferers outnumber males three to one and they also have to deal with an additional trigger – hormones. Most women who get migraines report that headaches increase during menses, pregnancy, and menopause (including premenopause).

#6 Sleep Problems

From having trouble falling asleep to waking up throughout the night, insomnia can trigger a migraine. To reduce the frequency of migraines, you will want to create the right circumstances for sleep. That means putting down electronic devices well before bedtime so the blue light doesn’t keep your body from producing melatonin. It also means setting the right temperature on the thermostat and even having a comfy pillow.

#7 Weather Changes

This is one of the most diabolical triggers because there is little you can do to avoid weather changes short of moving to another climate. For some patients, an increase in winds or nearby lightning strikes are all it takes to get a migraine started. Others see episodes increase when temperature, humidity levels, or barometric pressure change dramatically.

#8 Visual Triggers

There are many ways that lights can trigger migraines. Whether there is a lot of glare or the sun is just really bright, it may lead to a migraine. Repeating patterns also cause a problem for some regardless of the lighting.

#9 Olfactory Triggers

Strong scents or chemical smells can also lead to migraines. Cigarette smoke is a trigger for many. Perfume, nail polish, and gasoline are other common olfactory triggers. This is yet another trigger that is tough to avoid because you can’t predict what perfume the person sitting next to you on the bus or train will wear.

#10 Alcohol

Since we are adding alcohol to a list that already includes cigarettes, we should discuss stress once again. The most common migraine trigger needs to be dealt with in positive ways. Drinking or smoking away stress is not only unhealthy but it can also increase the likelihood that a migraine episode will strike.

Natural Help for Migraine Sufferers in Laguna Hills, CA

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