migraine treatment Precision Spinal Care Laguna Hills chiropractorMigraines are one of the most common health conditions that affect people on a daily basis. Worldwide, there are 730 million people that suffer from migraines that last anywhere from 4-72 hours. It is estimated that the people suffering from migraines are affected as much as 14 days out of each month, and 8% of the migraine population experience 15 or more headaches per month. Migraines do not just affect the head; they are also known to come with side effects such as nausea, fatigue, visual disturbances and mood changes. They way the entire healthcare community approaches migraines is changing with each day.

The way that modern medicine treats migraines is focused on relief after they happen. This means mitigating the effects of migraines until the next event. There are many different mechanisms known to be involved with migraines such as blood flow to the brain, nerves in the head and neck, and the central nervous system but no known “cures.” A new drug may change the way current protocols are viewed. 

This new drug targets a protein that is released from nerve cells during a migraine attack. The specific area targeted in the skull is known as the trigeminal nerve tract, and clinical trials have shown some long-term relief, but it has been only 63% effective. This is a better result than the other standard medical interventions which on average are 45% effective. Now many people are looking for natural migraine relief that is more effective.

Migraine specialist Dr. Scott Hansen specializes in helping people suffering from migraines\headaches to get natural relief in Laguna Hills, California. As an upper cervical chiropractor, Dr. Hansen uses advanced methods and tests to determine the primary cause of migraine issues. When the Atlas vertebra (C1) is not in its normal position, it affects the arteries and veins that supply proper oxygen and nutrition to the brain. By correcting the Atlas misalignment, many studies have shown great relief to migraine and headache conditions in as little as one adjustment.2

If you are suffering from migraines or headaches, it is important to have the upper cervical area of the spine examined for proper alignment and integrity.

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