Concussions and Migraines in Laguna Hills CA

Recently in the media or sports you may have noticed a lot of discussion around concussions. The common belief around Concussions is that they are a temporary event that will heal quickly. Concussions are a common occurrence in many sports and recreational activities that affect 1.6-3.8 million people in the United States.1 Migraines headaches which bear a striking resemblance to concussions are the most prevalent neurological condition in America.

headaches Precision Spinal Care Laguna Hills chiropractorBoth of these conditions pose a major challenge to health care providers due their intricate nature similarity in presentation. Concussions are also known as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which happens when the brain moves inside the skull typically caused by some sort of trauma. Migraine headaches have more of a mysterious nature as the exact cause is widely unknown. Symptoms for both maybe obvious such as nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to light and sound and produce crippling events that last hours or days.

It is incredibly difficult to diagnose either condition and differentiate one from the other. Treatment options are very limited and offer marginal efficacy. There is a new treatment looking at a new way of treating migraines. A surgery is now being offered to for the nerves at the base of the skull that have been related to migraines. When the nerves are compressed, headaches are a common result.2 This invasive surgery removes the pressure from the nerves to restore proper function. Recently this surgery helped change the life of a man in Massachusetts thought to have concussion syndrome. But what id there was a better way?

Concussion and Migraine Specialist Dr Scott Hansen is helping patients get natural relief from concussions in Laguna Hills, California. Dr. Hansen is a specially trained Upper Cervical Chiropractor that deals with the Atlas Bone (C1 vertebra) as it relates to the brain and nervous system function. Research has shown that when the Atlas bone under the skull is misaligned that it has adverse effects on the brainstem and the nerves coming from the skull and neck bones. Clinical studies have shown that when the Atlas is addressed by an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment that nerve structure is restored and brain function can return quicker.3 When the brain and nerves are functioning properly migraines and concussions often resolve naturally.