headache triggers Precision Spinal Care Laguna Hills chiropractorMany people are aware of the more commonly known headache triggers, including caffeine and red wine.  However, there are some lesser-known headache triggers that are worth familiarizing yourself with.

  1. Smoked meats – the nitrates and nitrites that are used in many types of packaged meats can be problematic for some.  Certain deli meats, jerkies, and smoked or cured meats contain nitrates and nitrites as preservatives, which can trigger headaches.
  2. Cheese – similar to red wine, the tyramine present in certain aged cheeses may contribute to headaches.  Tyramine causes the constriction of blood vessels, which can be a definite headache factor.
  3. Dehydration  a lack of water and electrolytes can also cause the blood vessels to narrow.  It is beneficial, for many reasons, to be sure to consume sufficient amounts of water daily.

In all of these cases, keeping a food journal can help to identify what may be triggering your headaches. It would also be worthwhile to determine why the body is having an adverse reaction to these particular foods or beverages.  Since blood vessel contraction and dilation, digestion, and chemical balance in the body are all under the control of the central nervous system (CNS), ensuring proper CNS function is fundamental.

Headache sufferers, especially those with more frequent episodes, are looking for a natural solution to their condition. Upper cervical chiropractic is one such way to uncover the underlying cause of dysfunction in the central nervous system and many headache conditions. When the atlas, the uppermost vertebra in the neck, is out of alignment, this causes problems with the brainstem. An obstruction in this area leads to both vascular and neurological issues, both major culprits in headaches.
At Precision Spinal Care, our goal is to restore normal atlas alignment and normal nervous system function, and have that correction hold in place for maximum healing. Rather than chasing the symptoms of headaches, we get to the root cause.