headache treatment Precision Spinal Care Laguna Hills chiropractorHeadaches are a painful reality for many Americans, as much 6% of men and 18% of women suffer from them. Anyone with chronic headaches knows how hard it can make living day to day. You never know when or how bad the next one will be and it affects everything you do.

For people without headaches it can be difficult to understand the burden that they bring to daily living. The Huffington Post just released an article of chronic headache sufferers describing their pain in gruesome detail.1 Some of the descriptions are quite graphic: “like a hot dull nail being hammered into the right side of my head”, “my brain is being rhythmically pounded by a boxer wearing gloves, pummeling with all their might, over and over and over”, and “it’s as if my brain has swollen and it’s trying to push through my skull”

Why migraines happen is still largely a mystery. It is known that some of the factors are the blood flow and amount of oxygen to the brain, brain function and alignment of the neck.2-4 There are so many different treatment options from essential oils, light therapy, powerful pharmaceuticals and even surgery. It is difficult to choose the right method or the one that has the highest chance of relief without any side effects. A group of specially trained chiropractors are giving headache patients relief with a natural alternative.

Headache specialist Dr. Scott Hansen in Laguna Hills, California is helping patients take back their lives from chronic debilitating pain. By taking a careful look at the spinal bones in the upper neck specifically the Atlas (C1 vertebra). If there is a misalignment of the Atlas it can affect the blood flow, brain and nervous system. Once the presence of the misalignment/vertebral subluxation is confirmed, specialized x-rays are taken for a specific adjustment. The precise adjustment is given only when needed to return the proper alignment of the upper neck, this restores the healing process brain function, blood flow, and neurology begin to return to normal.

In a study of 101 patients, all cases received Upper Cervical Chiropractic care and 85 patients had total resolution of headaches in 1-8 months and 12 patients saw vast improvements and reduction in headache frequency.5


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