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It may seem odd to think about migraines as a result of playing professional football. People mostly relate major injuries – such as ACL tears or separated shoulders – to the game. However, migraines are becoming a more common occurrence for football players due to physical contact and hard hits.

Getting tackled, in itself, is not so much the problem. But the long-lasting effects on the body can develop into some serious health concerns. Migraines are a major health issue in the United States, affecting up to 38 million people. When the dizziness, nausea, and light sensitivity afflict football players, they are often forced to sit out the game leading to frustration.

Migraines are often linked to concussions and post-concussion syndrome. This is becoming a huge concern for those playing football, affecting not only professional players but high schoolers also. A study involving high school students who played football revealed that 34% had migraine headaches. The percent moves up to 37% for those who also had concussions and 40% for those who experienced multiple concussions. Concussions and migraines can be equally difficult to diagnose and care for, causing many players to have to miss out on important games.

Finding Migraine Relief in Laguna Hills, California

Here at Precision Spinal Care, we help patients who are suffering from migraines by using an alternative, natural approach. We focus attention on the top bone of the neck – the C1 vertebra or atlas bone. This bone can become easily misaligned due to a blow to the head or neck. If this has occurred due to a concussion or another sort of trauma, the end result can be headaches or migraines. The misalignment here can cause blood flow to the brain to be altered.

Using a gentle method, we help the bones of the neck to move back into proper position, allowing the body to begin functioning at its optimum once again. A recent study has shown that this method of care has helped patients with migraines in many situations.