Migraines are a debilitating condition that not only affects people around Laguna Hills but all over the world.  It is estimated that 12% of the population, including children, suffer from migraines.  Complicating the issue even further is the fact that researchers have only come up with possible causes of migraines – no definite causes have been identified to date.  Some of those possible causes have been theorized and include:

  1. Vascular problems – Blood vessels in the head and neck can contribute to migraines.
  2. Genetics – Having a family member with migraines may increase your chances of developing the condition.
  3. Chemical imbalances – Certain chemicals and neurotransmitters are particularly active in the brain during migraine episodes.
  4. Central nervous system issues – Compromises in the nerve pathways that transmit signals regarding blood flow, muscle tension, etc., can trigger a migraine.

Migraine Natural Relief Laguna Hills CA

What Can Be Done for Relief?

Commonly utilized treatment for migraines ranges from more conservative measures such as over-the-counter pain medications to more heavy-duty medications that are designed to change how the nerves themselves function.  At Precision Spinal Care, we take a different approach.  NUCCA is a specialized chiropractic technique that gently and specifically addresses the root cause of migraines.  More people are seeking out natural means of migraine relief that don’t come along with the unwanted side effects of many of the common medications that are often prescribed.  Upper cervical chiropractic doesn’t merely cover up symptoms. We identify the cause and work towards restoring normal alignment.

Lasting relief from migraines with upper cervical chiropractic care has been studied and documented.  The upper cervical approach involves a detailed analysis that will determine if a specific misalignment of the atlas vertebra is the underlying cause of your migraines.  When the atlas misaligns, it prevents normal nervous system function, biomechanics, and blood flow, which can create the conditions under which migraines develop.  Once this misalignment is corrected, migraines can resolve naturally as a part of the body’s normal healing process.



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